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Selected publications

​​​(2020) The Internet of Bodies - alive, connected, collective: the virtual physical future of our bodies and our senses. G. Boddington. AI and Society. Springer. ISSN 0951-5666 (Print), 1435-5655 DOI: 10.1007/s00146-020-01137-1. Read here →

(2016) Identity, the body and otherness. G. Boddington. Migratory Interdisciplinary Grid 21. Kostic, A. & JanZekovic. & Stabi, S. (eds.). Maribor, Association for Culture and Education KIBLA. Read here →

(2013) Woven Bodies, Woven Culture. Ghislaine Boddington. Chapter in the ‘Identity, Performance and Technology’, Josephine Machon, Dr Susan Broadhurst eds. Macmillan Studies in Performance and Technology, Palgrave ISBN 9780230298880.

(2010) Collective Collaborations through Telematics. G. Boddington.  Legacy essay. Excited Atoms, an Exploration of Virtual Mobility in the Contemporary Performing Arts. Judith Staines eds, On the Move Publications. Read here →

(2008) ’Virtual/Physical Bodies: Corps Virtuels/Physiques’ Dominique Roland, Ed in Chief, Ghislaine Boddington and Emmanuel Cusiniere, co-eds, Paris: une edition du centre des arts Enghiens-les-Bains Paris ISBN 9782916639093.

(2007) ‘Virtual Physical Bodies – Serious Play’ by Ghislaine Boddington. An extended essay by Ghislaine Boddington with multiple quotes from international artists and their experiences of creating and working in virtual space from 1990s to present. The World as Virtual Environment. Die Welt als virtuelles Environment: Das Buch zur CYNETart_07encounter. Johannes Birringer, Thomas Dumke and Klaus Nicolai, eds, Dresden: Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau. ISBN 9783981024739. Read here →

(2006) ‘The Weave’ A reflection essay by Ghislaine Boddington on interauthorship processes and intuition published in the book Navigating the Unknown - the creative process in contemporary performing arts. Christopher Bannerman, Joshua Sofaer, Jane Watts, eds, London: Middlesex University Press London.

(2004) ‘Sharing the process: a consideration of interauthorship in the performing arts’ co-written by Ghislaine Boddington and Christopher Bannerman. Digital Creativity magazine (Vol 15, no 2). Read here →

(2004) ‘The Creative User’ – Report on Public Participation in Interactive Arts, Ghislaine Boddington with Steve Boxer and Debbie Lander (Nesta 2004).

(2000) ‘Virtual presence physical beings – From telegraph to telecast – a reflection on virtual beingness’ Ghislaine Boddington. Middlesex University Press/ResCen publications. Essay focussing on  the direction of 2 workshops focusing on the performative use of telematics / telepresence (CellBytes00 at Arizona State University and Corpos Online at Lugar Commun in Portugal). Read here →

(1999) ‘Virtual Physical Bodies – The Future Synthesis’. Final round table sessions and conclusions from workshop / symposium convened by Boddington and held at ResCen, Middlesex University and The South Bank, London September 1999. Read here →

(1992-96) The Weave Group Process Briefing, evolved with partners and participants of group projects across 1990 to 1996, the shinkansen group process for interauthored projects. Read here →

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