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Collective Reality
Experience Togetherness


This installation comes alive when you come together. As aware of us as we are of it, this digital environment invites us to move and perform as a group to create unique visuals and sounds.

The Internet of Bodies – Alive, Connected,
and Collective


Journal paper by G.Boddington to

be published in July 2020,

AI &Society (Springer).

Blind Robot by Louis Philippe Demers, Fu


A room of innovative projects that only work in connection with our bodies through expanding and enhancing our senses, utilising our bio-signals and reacting to our body transmissions.

Alternative You
at FutureFest 2018


How do we examine our emerging digital presence and identity in the world of blending interfaces between our physical body and data self?

FutureFest Forward


These three events at Nesta explored Artificial Intelligence and how we can start to see, feel and grapple with what it could mean for our daily lives.

Future Love
at FutureFest 2016


What happens to romance, dating, identity and even skin when we move beyond the physical and merge with the virtual?

The Games Europe Plays


Bringing to Londoners a selection of independent and innovative games made in Europe to experience and play.

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