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The Internet of Bodies


The Internet of Bodies is a practise as research programme of work initiated by Ghislaine Boddington to encompass and expand on her two decades of research into the emergence and evolution of virtual physical blended presence and digital intimacy.


The Internet of Bodies engages in future digital issues for our living bodies. It explores the fast moving integration of humans with today's technologies, pointing to major transformations, not only to our bodies but to our understanding of ourselves, our identities and our relationship to the ‘other’. It points to a future in which we inter-connect ourselves to others through a networked “multi-self,” enabled by hyper-enhancement of the senses and a deeper tele-intuitive understanding of the virtual self.

The site is under construction.

In the meantime, check out the work of body>data>space and follow Ghislaine Boddington for updates.

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